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ARABCOMED Abraaj Water Water Bottle. Abraaj bottle is an environmentally friendly, made of fully degradable high quality plastic. The bottle design uses less plastic, thereby reducing environmental effect, while maintaining bottle quality and strength. Binaá Projects & Contracting

AlDar International is a construction management firm with offices in Baghdad, Basra and Irbil that builds exciting projects from North-to-South of Iraq.

Since it was founded in 2005, Al Abba Group has become one of the fastest-growing holding companies. Al Abba Group has expanded to cover many fields of activities – such development is attributed to changes in demand in the market, and the strategic decision made by its directors to diversify the companies’ activities in sectors where opportunities for growth are the highest. شركة البتلاء للتجارة العامة المحدودة Al Batla General Trade Company . It's one of the major distinguished companies that have a wide experience in supplying cold and Freeze stores, sandwich panels, chillers, cooling towers and air …

We take pride in our work. GARRAF OILFIELD RATBA'A PROJECTS

Amlak - Home Amlak Social Insurance Organization Development Company is the Real Estate Investment arm for the Social Insurance Organization of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Projects. Amlak is developing a number of current and future projects set to make its mark on the Kingdom of Bahrain soon Palladium Syngenta, a $13B Swiss seed and crop protection company, created an ambitious Good Growth Plan in 2000. By 2020, Syngenta would increase the productivity of the world’s major crops by 20%, increase the productivity of 20 million smallholder farmers, have 20 million smallholder farmers complete labour safety training, and have fair labour conditions throughout the supply chain. Nama Group MyAccount > Login

Nama Group MyAccount > Login

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